The Mourning Bride - A Modern Tale of Love, Terror, Deceit & Citizenship (Nonfiction)

It's Crazy Love with a green card or Committed gone terribly wrong.

What if your husband suddenly admits he married you for a green card … then attacks and threatens to kill you if you contact authorities?  

Despite her husband's continuous threats and violence, Elena Maria Lopez does contact law enforcement and immigration officials. Both parties repeatedly refuse to help. Fleeing her own home and facing an emotional breakdown, she does the only thing she can to maintain her safety and her sanity. She investigates.

With the help of a retired F.B.I. agent and her wits as a researcher, Lopez discovers she married a man with a history of ruthless and criminal behavior. And although her husband should have been denied a fiancé visa and green card because of criminal activities, he was just one of many foreign nationals that bypassed a background check because he was marrying an American.

In her manuscript, The Mourning Bride, Lopez chronicles the terrifying story of her marriage while discovering rampant fraud in the easiest way for foreigners to gain permanent U.S. residency and citizenship. (Forty percent of all legal immigration is marriage-based, which is more than asylum seekers, refugees and employment-based immigrants combined. Sadly, half of all immigration fraud cases involve marriage fraud.)

With a unique combination of first-hand experience balanced with research, investigation and analysis, The Mourning Bride provides an unparalleled view of homeland security through the eyes of a political journalist and that of a tormented spouse. As a result, this haunting autobiography transcends the traditional memoir by morphing into an investigative piece.

She is currently searching for a publisher.



  “Romance + true crime thriller … like  Gone Girl.